To lose your hair, to lose your temper, 
if you see what I mean, your precious time, 
to fight a losing battle, 
losing height and lustre, sorry, 
never mind, to lose on points, 
let me bloody well finish, 
to lose blood, father and mother, 
to lose your heart, lost long ago
in Heidelberg, all over again, 
without batting an eye, the charm 
of novelty, forget it, to lose 
your civil rights, I get the message, 
to lose your head, by all means, 
if it can’t be helped, 
to lose Paradise Lost, what next, 
your job, the Prodigal Son, 
to lose face, good riddance, 
two World Wars, one molar, 
half a stone of overweight, 
to lose, lose, and lose again, even 
your illusions lost, long ago, 
so what, let’s not waste another word 
on love’s labour lost, I should say not, 
to lose sight of your lost sight, 
your virginity, what a pity, your keys, 
what a pity, to get lost in the crowd, 
lost in thoughts, let me finish, 
to lose your mind, your last penny, 
no matter, I’ll be through in a moment, 
your lost causes, all sense of shame, 
everything, blow by blow, 
alas, even the thread of your story, 
your driver’s license, your soul.