Olgi says she’s going to take me somewhere and show me something I’ve never seen before. We walk through a door into an inner courtyard, then from there into another one, then into a third one, where there is a wire fence. Olgi knows where the fence can be lifted, she picks it up, holds it, I slip through, then I hold it up while she slips through the fence.

We are now in front of two large iron doors. No matter how much I ask Olgi where she’s taking me, she doesn’t answer, all she says is that I won’t regret coming. We are about to see something we’ve never seen before. She places the palm of her hand on the iron door painted blue and beats out a rhythm on it, not haphazardly, but with three long and two short beats; she repeats this many times.

Nothing happens. I want to suggest that we leave, or if she doesn’t want to, then I’ll go, but suddenly I hear the clattering sound of a bolt pulled on the other side of the door, then a second and third. The door slowly opens a crack, a fat face with a quivering double chin, a stubby nose, and angry eyes looks out at me, the voice is harsh and raspy as it speaks to me, saying, What are you doing here—but before I can speak, the face changes, a smile spreads across it: Olgika, is that you? So you came, welcome, come in quickly, before they see you here.