Emilie was talking with Bélem while looking at the gathered loud of nesting birds. “Which bird going to hatch today’s woe, guess that?” Emilie said, she said, “I’ll carry that egg to the man who took my donkey for my debt, I’ll give him that a breakfast gift!”

“The tax man?” Bélem said.

Emilie said, “That’s it, you guessing good today,” she said, “Now guess which egg woe is in.”

Bélem said, “How can I guess? Look how many eggs out there look!”

“Got to make choices in this life,” Emilie said, “Each morning a riddle to untie the knot of it, and then use that rope to tie up bad luck thinking to any tree here.”

Bélem sang, “Tie up bad luck thinking to a tree here, Fry that woe egg up for the debt man dear,’’ then he said, “That makes a good song!” he laughed then.

Emilie she said, “I’ll sing it on the way over to his hut, I’ll sing it to my donkey too. But now guess which egg!”

But Bélem said, “I sigh. There’s too many eggs out there! I tell you my eyes worrying over each one, they look the same all,” he said more.

Emilie then, “Got to make a choice hurry! That debt man yawning toward his breakfast table hurry!” Emilie said.

“You asking me something hard here I tell you. You ask a very tight riddle knot, you talking a mystery under just one bird!” Bélem said.